**Disclaimers to this mess....

I don't write well without motivation.
I was told, "Write it!" when I shared my idea, so I'm trying..
I really could use comments and ideas.

This blog is here so I'll write. 
It'll be unedited for the most part.
If I worry about editing now, I'll really never get anywhere.
I may throw in the words, "And something, something, something happens." 
I may even move to another scene out of order. (But I'll tell you.)
I will erratically post.
I will end up writing in first person present tense.
I'm not going to bother trying otherwise - that's the quickest way for me to lose interest.
I may throw in wide out-line type posts full of,
"And maybe they can do this... and so and so will maybe this..."
I have a bad history of not finishing stories.
I'm hoping this will help.


  1. YAAAAAY! Go Za! :D *Will try to think of helpful comments as you go along* :)