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I don't know what to call this story... So the blog title is very subject to change.

In which I try to keep points straight:

What if you didn't want to find a dragon egg? What if finding one meant sure death?

There is something that a dragon benefits from from human blood (I'm thinking that it gives them better control over humans. ) the first time they have it. Dragons generally abhor eating something intelligent, but when a dragon cub first hatches, it's on feeding frenzy before its first meal, then it promptly goes to sleep. If the cub doesn't eat someone its first meal, the dragon parent goes and steals someone. Dragons - being fair in their own minds - usually drop their eggs off in a village, so the villagers can decide who is "chosen". If they either try and kill the dragon cub, or the adult senses the cub has not "changed", the dragon parent will either destroy the village (in the case of the former) or simply steal someone (in the case of the latter.) ... What the dragons don't want them to know is that if the person stays /alive/ and only gives a little blood, the dragon and human are bonded, with the pair having great sway over one another.... Maybe the dragons don't remember this anymore - lost in their own history, but they know the humans must die if the dragons are to have blood... It used to be partnership, and an honor to be chosen by a dragon. Now the dragons use their control to steal cattle when they want, and to keep hunters from being successful at killing them.

Now where this goes:

Taalla and Jessh live in the woods in a little cabin, miles away from the nearest village. Taalla is the oldest at 22 - when she was 16, while in another village, dragons came to her home. The village had been prepared for this day, and decided to take a stand. They killed the cub and fled deep into the mountains. But they didn't go deep enough. The dragons came and sang them out, and everyone died... Except a deaf child asleep (5), that got left behind in the rush.

Taalla comes back to find the village gone, so she goes to the caves and finds the surrounding area burned. She goes looking for survivors and finds the child - she names him Jessh after her older brother... She decides to never again go into a village, takes the child,  with supplies from the village, and sets out to build a new life.

Fast-forward 6 years. Jessh is 11, and Taalla is 22. They live together in a little cabin. Jessh is deaf, but they've worked out motions to talk to one another. Talla never told him what happened.

One day Jessh comes in from the yard with a dragon egg. Talla is terrified and angry. She motions to him it is dangerous, and to go put it back where he found it - then she packs up their stuff, ready to run... But Jessh keeps the egg in his pack.

Somehow Talla gets hurt/sick?.... Something with a large animal - but the animal gets killed - or it's almost dead and rabies? The dragon hatches, eats what's left of the animal, and licks her wounds clean while she is unconscious - the dragon does the same for Jessh, who thinks of the dragon as his own.

Now there are two people who can see with dragon sight, and hear through the cub. - Male dragon Jessh names "Pride". Pride thinks of them as his parents, though he bonds with Jessh closer because Talla fears/hates him at first. They set out on the run with Pride keeping them hidden from the danger of other dragons.... Something, something, something.

Jessh begins to be able to hear through Pride. It's traumatic for him - his thoughts and sendings are still in pictures and hand motions... But he begins to get used to it - and the 3 of them learn to communicate as they travel.

They are asleep and a dragon hunter sneaks up and wakes up Taalla. He's tracked Pride to the area, but he doesn't want to attack until he's woken and moved Taalla and Jessh.
Taalla thinks they're being attacked - Pride attacks... Something else happens...

This guy - I think he's part of a group who has been killing dragons. 
 This warrior got in an accident that made him lose his hearing. He leads an expedition, and they manage to kill a dragon. As they give a toast, as they have killed a dragon, they drink some of its blood... And so they become immune to the dragons' song. (Something makes it though, so you don't just want to drink it... maybe it burns the tongue pretty badly? )

Anywho - So this guy is separated from his main group - combing the area for dragons because they've been seeing several of them flying around there. (Looking for Pride. - See, the dragons are beginning to fear the large groups of humans, but it's still considered against tradition to simply steal a human, unless necessary. So leaving the egg near where Jessh and Taalla are isn't much of a threat, because they're young, and don't look to have the skill to be dragon killers. )

Okay - so this deaf guy can't be swayed by Pride, but he also can't "hear" him like Jessh and Taalla can. And more somethings, somethings, somethings.... Fighting, dragon flying - somehow get a good war going - then stop it again... The end. ;)

There are some things in life you simply can't be prepared for... You know they are coming, but you put it out of your mind... You think I'm talking about death. No. I'm talking about life. A life you never wanted to be responsible for."

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